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Affiliate, how it works

Wright Affiliate Set-up, and Management

First we get to know your business and your market, then we recruit a network at our 50% reduced Agency rates, we set up and launch within 4 weeks, and we then recruit sale yielding affiliates
We charge a network and Agency set up fee, a network monthly subscription and an Agency monthly fee, and agree a commission per sale. The network receives an override and so does Wright Affiliate. Your cost is in line with your return and sales
Your contract is for a minimum of 12 months, with a 6 month get-out clause, and a rolling contract after 12 months that requires 3 months’ notice
We stay in touch and we grow your affiliate program, and expose your brand messages
We expect Wright Affiliate programmes to grow for the life of your business, our success is our client’s business growth

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An Example of a Typical Program with a Top Network

How we get started

We require a product feed, creative, a link on your home page to an HTML splash page with details of the affiliate programme details and a link to join through to the network
Your webmaster will be required to implement code at the checkout page so that sales can be recorded, and affiliate sales can be rewarded to the last affiliate site that the customer has clicked on prior to a sale
A contract will be signed, the programme will be run and managed by Wright Affiliate exclusively
A typical set up cost for both network and Agency will be between twelve hundred and fifty and two thousand five hundred pounds. After that the monthly fee will be between two hundred and fifty and five hundred pounds, for the subscription to the network and for the management. The override will be between twenty and forty percent on the affiliate commission. The cost depends on the chosen network, and the size of your business

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Talk to us about affiliate and let’s start the journey.

Tel : +44 (0) 20 3285 7926

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Reg Address :  52 Geoffrey Road, London SE41NT

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Company Reg : 06575010

Email : emily@emcinteractive.co.uk

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